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County Planning Board Meeting

January 21, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

When: 4:00pm

Join at: https://www.gomeet.com/953-010-417  or Phone: +1-571-748-4021 PIN: 125-4246#


County Planning Board Agenda

Minutes on CMZD from 12-17-20

Public Comment for Items not on the Agenda

  • Ken Cochrane provided public comment.

Old Business Discussion/Recommendation for Draft Conflict Mitigation Zoning District Abstract

Mike Inman gave an overview of the requested updates from the last meeting made to the draft. The Board discussed the merits of making official an abstract that is subject to changes. Mike Inman walked the Board through the difference between a formal and informal process, including the formal process only began if the Commission voted to initiate it. The Board requested the Abstract be updated to the current year. Mike Inman also noted the Abstract could be updated as needed.

Motion: Motion made by Dean, Motion to Accept the Draft Conflict Mitigation Zoning District Abstract as presented; seconded by Taya Cromley; all in favor. Motion passes. Discussion of Draft Conflict Mitigation Zoning District Content John Heidke provided an overview of the Draft Conflict Mitigation District and recommended the conversation start with definitions based on feedback from the Board. The Board discussed the scope of residential uses and what qualifies in the definition. Mike Inman addressed potential practices and challenges with requiring a compliance permit for all uses. The Board discussed the need to ensure there is a clear delineation between commercial or not, and the potential merits and pitfalls of performance standards for specific uses. The Board agreed to continue the discussion at the next meeting.

Public Comment of Items on the Agenda

  • Ken Cochrane provided public comment.




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