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Promoting thoughtfully planned growth in order to protect and enhance Park County, Montana’s vibrant communities, sustainable working lands, and healthy natural resources.

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Anatomy Of A Wake-Up Call

After witnessing the impact of vail on nature, Tom Spruance, Conservative businessman, felt compelled to rise up in defense of greater Yellowstone. He says others should, too

The plight of Bozeman Creek is an indicator of how the health of waterways in greater Yellowstone and the West are facing a multitude of damaging threats.

Friends of Park County releases results from poll of Park County voters’ attitudes about growth, development, and regulations.

Friends of Park County is focused on a single issue – managing the growth coming our way.

Growth is accelerating in Park County, Montana. We can see what may be in our future if we look west to Gallatin County and across the Mountain West – sprawling subdivisions and ranchettes, unaffordable housing, wildlife disappearing and crowds at the local fishing hole.

Growth has overwhelmed other places just like us that drifted or dithered or thought it could never happen to them.

To keep Park County, Livingston and all of our communities places we and our generations to come will be proud to call home, we need a nonprofit organization dedicated to working on a single issue – managing our growth.

And this is Friends of Park County.

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