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Our Future is Our Choice

Over the next several months, Friends of Park County will be having some informal conversations with our supporters and others who share our concerns and perspectives, about growth and development in Park County. We will be discussing both the threats to Park County’s communities and resources and the various ways we can respond to those threats. Click below to learn more.

Friends of Park County’s interactions with the Park County Planning Board

The Draft Conflict Mitigation regulations are up for public comment. The draft and supporting documents can be reviewed HERE.

The Friends of Park County offered ten points for improvement which we feel are essential to this zoning approach, our suggestions can be found HERE

However, the intended public comment process has been disrupted by misinformation campaigns and cancelled meetings, our testimony offered on September 28 in reaction to these recent challenges in this regard can be reviewed HERE.

From the outset, Friends of Park County’s sharp focus on preventing rural sprawl and protecting working lands and natural resources has shaped our interactions with the Park County Planning Board. In all of our testimonies before the board, we have made substantive arguments that rural residential sprawl is a potential disaster for the people, property, and resources of the county.