Learning Resources

Informed and active residents are the “civic infrastructure” needed for managing growth.

Below are links to important resources that will help you understand and contribute to the management of our County’s growth.

Here are some core resources specifically related to Park County:

The state of Montana has published Growth Policy Resource Books updates every decade or so:

Land Use Controls in Montana

An analysis of factors affecting policy adoption of countywide zoning policy adoption of countywide zoning [2006] (126 pages).

Opportunity Zones

Park County has no Opportunity Zones – we never applied.

Where’s the Data?

Headwaters Economics has conducted extensive studies of southwestern Montana demographics and related economic impacts, one such example is here; Economic Development on the High Divide. And another here; Headwaters-Economics-Park-v-Gallatin-Counties

Future West is another think tank focused on developing economies in the western states region.

A more comprehensive explanation of the zoning process has been prepared by Kelly A. Lynch & Allison Mouch, AICP Community Development Division Montana Department of Commerce 301 S. Park Avenue, P.O. Box 200523 Helena, MT 59620-0523 Phone: 406-841-2598 Fax: 406-841-2771E-mail: amouch@mt.gov, whose job it is to come to our county and present their program and engage in a Q&A with board members.  Here is their PowerPoint.

2021 Educational Programs

Friends of Park County has launched a series of educational webinars to go into detail on various topics which have significance in the Land Use, Zoning, and Growth planning arenas, you can review past events from our Educational Series here.