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The State of Short-Term Rentals in Montana

Little is known about short term rentals (STRs) as an accommodation choice for pleasure or business in Montana. The goal of this study was to assess the impacts of STRs on hosts and communities in Montana, as well as to better understand the characteristics and motivations of visitors who use STRs.

Park County Housing Coalition

The mission of the Park County Housing Coalition is to create a community-based collaborative effort to increase opportunities for Park County residents to access housing where they can afford to live and thrive.

The Western Land Rush

Town and Country Magazine: Today’s run on land out west is spreading not American power but five-star living dressed up as frontiersmanship. Welcome to the home of end-table antlers and Escalades.

The dark side of America’s new “Zoom towns”

Business Insider: There’s a certain gloss associated with recent transplants in “Boz Angeles.” The new nickname for Bozeman, Montana, is a wryly derisive nod to the cultural and economic changes spurred by new arrivals, and to their presumed origin. It’s a gesture to the high-end coffee shops festooned with cowboy decor that are slowly encroaching on, say, affordable ranchland for real, living cows to graze on. It seems that at least some residents are in on the joke — and attuned to the tensions that lie beneath.

2022 Housing Action Plan: Park County, Montana

The Park County housing action plan (HAP), finalized in early 2022, aims to define clear goals, strategies, policies, priorities, and responsible parties for implementation to create and preserve homes affordable to Park County, Montana, residents. The plan will define a mechanism to monitor progress and priorities.